When I was young, I always wished for an older sister. I would yearn for that “big Sister love” and as an only child there were many times where I felt so lonely, as if I was missing out on something special. A couple years ago, I was hospitalized due to exhaustion and anxiety. I had many people disappear from my life, but one of the few people who stayed by my side constantly was Ria.

Whether she has been there to hold me until the tears are dry or been there to give me that special hug only Best Friends give, there is no one I have ever met who I am more grateful for during times like these. She taught me one of the most valuable lessons and that is how to not take small things for granted, life is made up of so much more than stressing out. Although this incident in my life has been difficult to overcome, it showed me the infinite bond that I have with my best friend and I realized that having a sibling does not always mean they are blood.

Once again this was proven when recently, I was having a difficult time adjusting to college life and I slowly started to fall into that same rut again, but right as I started to fall, this beam of sunshine came and picked me up literally saving me from the worst. She told me that I needed to give adjusting some time, join organizations, make new friends, and just think good thoughts. So I did, and today I credit my best friend for helping me find my niche once again. I cherish every precious moment I get to spend with my “other half” and even if it is a quick hug at school or a random love you text.. Most only children know how isolating it can be knowing you don’t have any blood siblings, but I know for a fact this has turned into one great big blessing. There is no doubt that my best friend is more than my closest friend, She is my sister not by blood but by love, my role model, the one who continuously motivates me to be happier, and the one who handles every single one of my 3,000 & counting meltdowns with such grace and tenacity. My Best Friend is my light house and my closest companion, for that nothing will ever be able to describe how grateful I am for her kindness, loyalty, and loving me for who I am.



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